Righting a Wrong

Think You Can Do It On Your Own? 4 Reasons You Need An Accident Attorney

If you've been involved in a car accident, you may think that you can handle things without an attorney. There may be some cases where it would be safe for you to go through the process without legal assistance. However, that's not always the case. In fact, there are some instances where an accident attorney is absolutely crucial to your claim. If you've been in an accident, look at the list below. Read More 

How To Make Your Workers Compensation Checks Last

If you are off work for several months due to workers compensation claims, you may need to live on a little bit less. Though workers compensation is set up to afford you money while you are off of work, you may receive a smaller sum while your claim is going through your personal injury attorney. Surviving on worker's compensation while you are figuring out what is going on with a claim may be necessary for a little while. Read More 

Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

Have you recently been in an automobile accident? Are you now having difficulty paying your bills and other expenses? Accidents that cause serious injuries can wreak havoc on your finances. But in order to be properly compensated for your losses, the insurance companies will have to pay out on your claim. Unfortunately, this often means hiring a lawyer and having them take care of the entire situation for you. But before you hire a lawyer, there are some questions that you should ask him or her. Read More 

When You Are Seriously Injured In A Car Accident: Protecting Your Financial Future

When you are injured in a car accident, the extent of your injuries plays a big role in your overall ability to seek financial damages. Whether you are out of work for a few weeks recovering or you are now permanently disabled, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit when you have suffered because of the negligence of another driver. If you are in treatment and signs are indicating you are not going to physically recover completely, it's time to work with an attorney to help you protect your financial future. Read More 

About Elderly Parent Abuse In A Nursing Home

Were you in shock to find that your elderly parent developed bed sores from undergoing negligent care? Before the situation becomes worse, you might want to hire a lawyer to get an investigation of the nursing home started. Your parent might be entitled to being compensated if it is found that he or she has been suffering from abuse at the hands of the nursing staff. Below, you will find out why hiring a lawyer is a smart decision to make on behalf of your parent. Read More